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Prayers For Those in Need

Father Gerald Kasik

Spokane, WA

Father is suffering from cancer, thanks to Almighty God, he is recovering and hopefully he will be able to offer Mass at Easter.


Father Kasik is able to offer Daily Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. Thank you for your prayers!

Teresa Potter

Spokane, WA

Teresa is going blind in her left eye from cateracts and needs surgery to correct her vision.


Teresa wasn't able to have eye surgery due to a blood clot on her left side of her neck. She had to have surgery to remove the clot. However, while during the surgery Teresa suffered a stroke. The eye has been postpone for now. Please pray for her recovery.


Teresa had a heart attack two weeks ago and was in the hospital for three days. Please pray for her recovery.

Update: 09-21-2018

Teresa is back in the hospital which has developed gaingreen on her toes. There has been two surgeries on her leg and foot in order to prevent to have her leg to be amputated.Please pray that she will recover from this ordeal.

Sr. Giovanna Marie, C.M.R.I.

Commend in your prayers for her who is at home with her parents in Canada, dealing with her health. Please pray for her recovey.

RIP Virginia Sherling

Spokane, WA

Please pray for the repose of her soul.

Commend in your prayers for these other souls who needs your prayers as well. Irene Cram, Nichole Drahman, Gabrielle and, Laurence Green, Paul Larkin, Doranne McMahon, Liz Messing Ted Phelps, Jane and Dan Welp. All living in Spokane, WA.

Tommy White

Please pray for Tommy White who has been diagnosed with a glioblastoma. He had surgery September 15 and has been slowly recovering since. Please pray for his family, his parents, his 3 brothers, Andrew, Ryan and Nick and his sister Maddison. His parents are Tom and Peggy White. They all need your prayers to get through this very difficult journey.

-Marquita Auffenberg

Michael Cain

San Diego, CA

Michael is suffering from stage 4 cancer and trying in every way to survive and to bring back his health. However, because of the advanced cancer he may not survive. Whatever God's will be for him. Please pray for him.

Update: 09-21-2018 

Michael's condition has worsen where the cancer has spread to the other organs. So please pray for a happy death for him.